Stories from Iran
A Chicago Anthology
Stories From Iran
Edited by Heshmat Moayyad, Translated by scholars at the University of Chicago
518 pages
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This collection of thirty-five Persian short stories by twenty-six of Iran's best known contemporary writers gives voice to the concerns, strivings, and visions of their generation. In styles ranging from the dark to the humorous, from the elegant to the poetic, these stories depict aspects of both traditional and modern life in Iran with its many religious, political, cultural and class tensions. The expanding role of women in Iranian society is attested to both by the large number of women writers included in the volume, and by the central role played by women in many of the stories.

Written during the last 75 years and arranged in chronological order, these stories span a period in Iranian history from the Constitutional Revolution (1906-11) through the long reign of the Pahlavis (1925-79), the upheavals of the 1950s, the 1979 Islamic Revolution, to the present.

Stories From Iran was selected, edited, and translated by scholars of Persian Literature at the University of Chicago. Accompanied by a complete glossary, author biographies and photos, it will give the reader an unmatched insight into Iranian life--an insight that only true works of art can provide.

"The first and most comprehensive body of short fiction in translation, Stories From Iran samples the works of some of the greatest Iranian authors of this century, as well as those by lesser known writers with few published stories to their name. . . . The translation and publication of these works does a rare and valuable service to the literature of the East and West alike."
- - Los Angeles Times

"This anthology is not only a timely introduction to an unfamiliar literature but offers as well illuminating insights into a society where the postmodern and pre-Renaissance still uneasily coexist. . . . Rich in imagery and symbols."
- - Kirkus Reviews

"[the stories] stand out for their originality and well-modulated feeling."
- - Publishers Weekly

"The writings examine the most common social, political, economic, and cultural concerns of Iranians. Readers will find modern Iranian writers for the most part conscious and critical of their society and committed to ameliorating its conditions. . . . The translations are smooth and quite readable."
- -Middle East Journal

"The selection, editing, and translation [of the stories] were undertaken by scholars of Persian literature at the University of Chicago. Their work will clearly benefit other scholars in the field and contribute to a better understanding of the Persian short story among nonspecialists."
- - World Literature Today

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Table of Contents


"The Persian Short Story: An Overview" by Heshmat Moayyad

"What's Sauce for the Goose . . ." by M. A. Jamalzadeh
"Abji Khanom" by Sadeq Hedayat
"Mirza" by Bozorg Alavi
"The Snake Stone" by Beh'azin
"The Wooden Horse" by Sadeq Chubak
"The Gravediggers" by Sadeq Chubak
"The Half-Closed Eye" by Simin Daneshvar
"Esmat's Journey" by Ebrahim Golestan
"The American Husband" by Jalal al-e Ahmad
"The Little Native Boy" by Ahmad Mahmud
"Through the Veil of Fog" by Jamal Mir-Sadeqi
"Glorious Day" by Jamal Mir-Sadeqi
"Moths in the Night" by Gholam Hosayn Nazari
"The Cast" by Gholam Hosayn Nazari
"Adolescence and the Hill" by Gholam Hosayn Nazari
"Mr. Hemayat" by Gholam Hosayn Nazari
"Shadowy" by Gholam Hosayn Nazari
"Love" by Esma'il Fasih
"The Two Brothers" by Gholam Hosayn Sa'edi
"Mourners of Bayal" by Gholam Hosayn Sa'edi
"Sacred Keepsake" by Nader Ebrahimi
"The Trench and the Empty Canteens" by Bahram Sadeqi
"The Wolf" by Hushang Golshiri
"Portrait of an Innocent" by Hushang Golshiri
"The Discreet & Obvious Charms of the Petite Bourgeoisie" by Fereydun Tonokaboni
"Aziz Aqa's Gold Filling" by Goli Taraqqi
"Brother's Future Family" by Mahshid Amir-Shahi
"The Smell of Lemon Peel, the Smell of Fresh Milk" by Mahshid Amir-Shahi
"Hard Luck" by Mahmud Dowlatabadi
"Night Journey" by Nasim Khaksar
"The Sad Brothers" by Amin Faqiri
"Trail Offers" by Shahrnush Parsipur
"The Long Night" by Moniru Ravanipur
"Narcissus, Get Your Nice Narcissus" by Hushang Ashurzadeh
"The Mirror" by Farahnaz Abbasi

Glossary & Bibliography

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Heshmat Moayyad has been a professor of Persian Literature at the University of Chicago since 1966. He studied at the University of Tehran and received his doctorate in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Frankfurt. He has also taught at Harvard University, the Univeristy of Naples and the University of Frankfurt. Professor Moayyad has written, translated, and edited several books in English, German, and Persian.

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