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Persian Biography, Memoir and Culture in English

Mage publishes non-fiction books about Iran and Persian culture for the general reader.
Inside Iran Women's Lives, is by former BBC correspondent Jane Howard, who made her home in Iran for five years, raising her two young children there. Her experience took her beyond the headlines and horror stories and into the lives of everyday Iranian women. Her brilliantly observed book takes the reader from dinner in a presidential palace to tea in a nomad's tent.

Heyda Radjavi's childhood memories of growing up in Tabriz in the 1940s, French Hats in Iran, is a masterpiece both in its brilliant literary simplicity and for its descriptions of a lost era.

In Crowning Anguish, the life of Taj al-Saltana, daughter of the ruler of Iran, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, epitomized the predicaments of her changing era. Overcoming her limited education within the harem walls, Taj chronicled a thirty-year span in the life of a generation that witnessed a shift from traditional order to revolutionary flux.

When Terence O’Donnell (Garden of the Brave in War), who lived in Iran for fifteen years in the 1960s and 1970s, was asked what he was doing there, he replied, "The conviction of all Iranians, of most of my compatriots, and indeed of the Russians, was that I was engaged in intelligence work. I was, and what is more I filed a daily report. My employer was myself and my reports consisted of eight thousand pages of journal. This book was drawn from that material."

Who lost Iran? The answer can be found in the enthralling life and tragic death of one man. Beautifully written The Persian Sphinx is a biography of Amir Abbas Hoveyda, a central figure in the historic struggle between modernity and tradition in Iran.

In Lost Wisdom: Rethinking Modernity in Iran, Abbas Milani uses an impressive array of cross-disciplinary Western and Iranian theories and texts to investigate the crucial question of modernity in Iran today. He offers a wealth of new insights into the thousand-year-old conflict in Iran between the search for modernity and the forces of religious obscurantism.

Tales of Two Cities: A Persian Memoir is an engrossing, cross-cultural memoir of revolution and exile. It is the story of a fifteen year-old Persian boy sent for his education from an old-world, pre-oil boom Tehran, to the new-world, avant-garde San Francisco of the 1960s. Abbas Milani richly chronicles his education, politicization,

Iran and the West is a useful reference book about Iran. It is a critical bibliography of books, articles, journals, and catalogs about Iran written in Western languages and published from 1500 up to the late 1980s. The author Cyrus Ghani has made erudite comments demonstrating his broad knowledge of Iranian and world history as well as his cultivated moral intelligence.

Dr. Ghasem Ghani's pioneering scholarship and diplomacy published to great acclaim in twelve volumes in the original Persian have now been edited and abridged into a single volume by his son Cyrus Ghani: A Man of Many Worlds: The Diaries and Memoirs of Dr. Ghasem Ghani.

My Favorite Films is a panoramic guide by Cyrus Ghani, who reviews more than six hundred and fifty of the big screen’s finest offerings. His love affair with movies began, he says, at the age of eight and has lasted a lifetime.